In the heart of the Rye island where the agriculture plays a main role, we can find a nature preserve called "Klatov branch" which is spreading on 306 hectares. It is a valuable region with plenty of proved commonwealth of water vegetation and a complex of riparian woodland, which creates a valuable place for our flora and fauna. In 1993 this region was proclaimed for a nature preserve and it was approved by the announcement of the Slovak ministry of environment.
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Horse-archer camp:
A very famous camp between the youth. During one week spent in this camp the young people will live the life like it was in middle ages, they can discover what could it be to live the life of conquerors. They can learn the archer technique and also schooling. They can try pair-horse schooling and they can dicsover the beauty of this region like the water mill on the shore of the Danube in Dunajsky Klatov.

The beginners can learn the wright technique and the advanced can make they dreams come true. Our specialist will help the beginners in the first contact with a horse and their first experiences will be in a hippodrome with sand ground where they can learn the basics. The advanced can take part on our schooling trips in our region.

The horse-archer camp is 4 km from Czajlik Ranch.

Contact: Bíró Gábor, Veľké Dvorníky, tel.: 0905 700746,


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