In the heart of the Rye island where the agriculture plays a main role, we can find a nature preserve called "Klatov branch" which is spreading on 306 hectares. It is a valuable region with plenty of proved commonwealth of water vegetation and a complex of riparian woodland, which creates a valuable place for our flora and fauna. In 1993 this region was proclaimed for a nature preserve and it was approved by the announcement of the Slovak ministry of environment.
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The horse therapy / hippotherapy / is a therapeutic method to improve the quality of life, improve the physical and mental condition of injured patients and patiens with disabled status. Proper medical supervision is widely used for neurological disorders, orthopedic disorders and psychiatric disorders. It is a widely accepted complex rehabilitation method, which weaves together the sport, medicine, psychology and pedagogy. The practice, which is completely individualized as a complementary therapy, can be treated by professionally trained technicians and specially trained therapeutic riding horses. The cost of therapy occasionally 7 €


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