In the heart of the Rye island where the agriculture plays a main role, we can find a nature preserve called "Klatov branch" which is spreading on 306 hectares. It is a valuable region with plenty of proved commonwealth of water vegetation and a complex of riparian woodland, which creates a valuable place for our flora and fauna. In 1993 this region was proclaimed for a nature preserve and it was approved by the announcement of the Slovak ministry of environment.
Region map



The region which was announced in the year 1984 to a nature preserve offers a very suitable place for cycling trips. You can discover the beauty of the flora from the bicycle and the beauty of the fauna from the rental barks.

Cycling route Dunajská

Cycling route Dunajská (German: Donauradweg) is a very popular cycling route which starts on the Slovak side immediately at the border zone Berg and ends in Štúrovo. The route is 168 km long and it leads along the Danube barrage. After the bridge called Haven in Bratislava it divides into 2 branches which come again together in Gabčíkovo at the hydro-electric plant. Almost the whole route is covered by good asphalt what is suitable also for skaters.


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